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California Deluxe Landlord Membership Package

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California Deluxe Landlord Membership Package

A Lifetime Deluxe membership is only a one time fee of $39.95.

As a Member you will have the know-how, documents and support a Landlord needs to succeed.

Complete Set of Rental & Lease Agreements

Ultimate Landlord Legal Guide eBook

Access to over 70 customized Landlord documents


  • Complete Set of Beginning a Tenancy Documents
  • Complete Set of During Tenancy Documents
  • Complete Set of Ending a Tenancy Documents
  • Apartment Lease Furnished Month to Month
  • Apartment Lease Furnished Term
  • Apartment Lease Unfurnished Month to Month
  • Apartment Lease Unfurnished Term
  • House Lease Furnished Month to Month
  • House Lease Furnished Term
  • House Lease Unfurnished Month to Month
  • House Lease Unfurnished Term
  • The Complete Landlord Legal Guide
  • All California Tenant Screening Documents
  • All Essential Landlord Side Agreements
  • Complete Set of California Tenancy Pet Agreements
  • Full Set of Notice Letter Templates
  • Free Bonus Documents 

This comprehensive Landlords Pack for California will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

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