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Residential Tenancy Agreement New York Landlords Package available for immediate download.
Only $39.95

A solid New York real estate lease agreement will protect your property investment by defining your relationship with tenants and protect you from potential liability. Our professional lease documents and easy to follow instructions will let you manage your property with confidence. Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and download your Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement New York package safely. In just a few minutes you can have everything you require to rent your property.

When to use this New York rental agreement ?

Whenever a landlord grants a right of occupation of residential premises, or part of premises (including any land occupied with the premises) to another person for the purpose of use as a residence in New York.

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This Residential Tenancy Agreement Kit New York has been professionally drafted to conform to the requirements of the New York Residential Landlord and Tenant rules . You can use this template time after time. Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate fields then print your professional agreement!

The Residential Tenancy Agreement New York Kit contains everything you need to lease your premises.

The New York agreement package includes -

green tick Bonus New York specific guide to help you step by step through the lease agreement.
Your bonus guide explains, in easy to understand language, the basics of landlord tenant law in New York. This guide explains every term of the lease and how you may want to modify it given your particular situation. It is drafted by a lawyer and explains how the landlord can cost effectively manage the landlord/tenant relationship.

Here are some extracts. What you should know about New York landlord tenant law... Click here

green tick Tenant Screening Documents
Employment Verification Request
Credit Check Authorization
Rental and Credit Application Single Tenant
Rental Application with Co Applicant
Pet Application
Home Business License or Permit Verification Form

green tick Beginning a Tenancy (Term or Month-to-Month)
green tick Apartment
Lease Agreement Unfurnished/NonRentControl/Apartment/Term
Lease Agreement Unfurnished/NonRentControl/Apartment/Month-to-Month
Lease Agreement Furnished/NonRentControl/Apartment/Term
Lease Agreement Furnished/NonRentControl/Apartment/Month-to-Month
green tick House
Lease Agreement Unfurnished/NonRentControl/House/Term
Lease Agreement Unfurnished/NonRentControl/House/Month-to-Month
Lease Agreement Furnished/NonRentControl/House/Term
Lease Agreement Furnished/NonRentControl/House/Month-to-Month
green tick Associated Agreements
Early Occupancy Agreement
Option to Purchase Agreement
Co-signer Agreement
Security Deposit Receipt Bank info
Security Deposit Receipt
Waterbed Addendum
Parking/Garage Addendum
green tick Pet Documents
Pet Agreement Addendum
Pet Application
Pet Policy
green tick Other Beginning Tenancy Documents
Welcome Tenant Letter
Entry Condition Report
Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Notice
Lead Paint Disclosure
New York City Guardrail Notice
City of Buffalo Smoking Notice
Lead Paint Notice
green tick During a Tenancy
Rent Receipt
Notice to Change Rent
Assignment of Lease Agreement
Construction Entry of Unit letter
HVAC Inspection Report
Illegal Activity Aid the Investigation
Intent to Enter Notice
Notice of Entry
Notice of Lease Violation Excessive Noise
Notice of Lease Violation Second Notice
Notice Past Due Rent
Safety Inspection Letter
Temporary Shutoff Notice
Wrong Pet Letter
Pet Damage Letter
Pet Damage First Letter Multiple Units
Pet Damage First Letter Single Units
Pet Damage Second Letter Multiple Units
Pet Damage Second Letter Single Units
Remove Pet and Damage letter
Needed Repairs Letter
green tick Ending a Tenancy
Exit Condition Report
Final Inspection Notice
Damage to Unit After Vacating
Three day Notice to pay or quit letter
Major Damage Notice to Unconditionally Quit
Security Refund Letter without deductions
Security Refund Letter with deductions
Notice to Terminate Tenancy

This New York Residential Rental Agreement includes the following provisions -

* Lease Space
* Lease Term and continuation
* Tenant Occupancy
* Rent Due
* Delivery of Rent
* Additional Rent
* Late Fees
* Security Deposit
* Quiet Right of Enjoyment
* Parking
* Ordinances, Statutes and Laws
* Maintenance, Repair or alteration restrictions
* Lockouts and Changing of Locks Restrictions
* Maintaining Tenant's Unit
* Default
* Failure to Pay Rent
* Failure to Perform
* Assignment and Subletting
* Utilities and Services
* Tenant's Extended Absence or Abandonment
* Right of Entry
* Attorney's fees
* Governing Law and Venue
* Destruction of the Unit
* Unavoidable Delay in or Impossibility of Gaining Possession of the Unit
* Eminent Domain
* Conflicts
* Cumulative Rights
* Notices
* Integration Provision of Entire Agreement
* Severability
* Waiver
* Subordination
* Compliance with Landlord's Rules
* Radon Gas Disclosure
* Lead Paint Disclosure
* Legal Disclaimer
* Insurance
* Indemnification

Click here New York Residential Rental Lease Agreement Kit. Download Now. Only $39.95 Click Here

Sample New York unfurnished lease agreement document excerpt

New York Residential Tenancy Agreement sample

Sample New York lease agreement excerpt

New York Residential Tenancy Agreement sample


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